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3 Tips for Workplace Mental Wellness At Home

June 22, 2021 3 min read


Although you may think working from home can bring more relaxation to your life, studies have shown it can also be stressful. This may be due to distractions from family members, lack of structure, feeling isolated, and spending too much time at home. 

Some signs you may be experiencing can include difficulty concentrating, worry or anxiety about deadlines or meetings, loss of interest in work, muscle pain, trouble sleeping, and fatigue. 

Since this has become a permanent situation for many of us out there, it’s vital to become aware of stressors that may be triggering our stress so we can adjust. 

Taking care of our mental health before we reach burnout. Here are some coping techniques that help us. 

1. Guided meditations

Meditating can have vast benefits. It’s actually one of the oldest practices in existence! Particularly, guided meditation is especially great for stress reduction. An expert leads you to focus on something specific like a sound. This creates a space for you to forget about your thoughts for a minute of the day. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at it. Don’t forget to be patient as you go through the process. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of controlling negative thoughts and replacing them with calm. Look for guided meditations online or via apps. Try a short meditation before, during, and after work. 

2. Sleep well

You’ve heard this time and time again, but sleep quality is heavily tied to mental health. As we sleep, our bodies repair by regenerating cells and restoring tissues. Not only that but our minds are given the opportunity to relax. All it does is amazing! Our memories get consolidated and new information is integrated, toxic waste is eliminated, and undergoes other processes that recharge us for the next day ahead. High-quality sleep leads to a better mood, a better-functioning immune system, mental clarity, and greater physical stamina. If we ignore getting a good night’s sleep, we become prone to the effects of stress which include fatigue and getting sick easier. 

Pay attention to your sleep patterns. Try recording the amount of sleep you are getting and correlating it with your mood for that day. You will probably notice a pattern between less sleep and more stress. You can also take other steps to improve your sleep such as purchasing the correct pillows, a comfortable mattress, and sheet set. Investing in items that help you relax (a personalized office chair also does wonders, by the way!) is a way to take care of your physical and mental state. 

3. Relaxation breaks

All work and no play takes a toll. Remote workers have been going through so many burnouts because their hours tend to be longer. We’re all for working hard, but too many hours without a break is the road most taken to getting stressed. Incorporating relaxation breaks into your day is key. It’s personal and different for all of us, however, it should leave you feeling happy and recharged. Pick a corner of your home office (away from your desk preferably) to create your relaxation spot. How about adding a comfortable recliner? Listen to music for a bit or meditate. Aromatherapy or a weighted blanket are  fantastic addons. 15 minutes is the magic number to steer away from work. Set reminders throughout the day so you don’t get carried away with work. 

Let us know how these tips helped you out! Make your work experience even more relaxing by having your own OmegaChair. Its shape explicitly welcomes proper posture, promotes comfort and health, and looks stylish as well.