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8 Tips to Set Up Your Home Office for Serious Productivity

May 19, 2021 4 min read

What makes for a great home office? This past year many of us have had to work from home and have realized we need to make a few adjustments. You are your most productive in a space where creativity flows, there are few distractions, and you feel inspired. Many modern workspaces are carefully designed to help their employees feel their best. What happens when we try to mimic this at home? Check out these eight tips to make your home office a place where we can get work done and be incredibly productive.

1. Make it your own.

A study from the University of Exeter indicates that incorporating your own style into your workspace may improve your health, happiness, and productivity. This is your personal space, so it should not look like a prison cell. Even if you’re not an interior designer at heart, adding little things like a piece of art or personal keepsakes make a huge difference. Have decor items that speak to you, inspire you, and remind you of treasured memories. This personal touch will create a space that feels your own and make you comfortable, thus improving your productivity.

2. Position your desk applying Feng shui principles.

Do you often feel that your workspace is making you feel tired? Energize it by rearranging your furniture according to Feng shui practices. This is an ancient practice that the Chinese have been using for over 6000 years. It applies spatial arrangement and balances energy to create the optimal design and layout. According to Feng shui practitioners, positive energy derives from the flow of good chi. Thus, if the arrangement of your office blocks its flow, energy levels may be affected negatively. Try locating your desk in a “commanding position.” What does this entail? Your desk should not be near a door and your back should not be facing the door. Ideally, your desk should be placed diagonal to the entrance of the space and have you facing the door. It is preferred you have a solid wall behind you instead of a window.

3. Use color psychology in your favor.

Colors affect the way we feel when we enter a space. Interior designers, artists, and marketers have always been aware of this! Make sure you pick one that works for you rather than against you. Did you know a green hue can stimulate your creativity and productivity? This color is associated with growth and decisiveness. In addition, it also instills calm.

4. Look for natural light.

Locate your office in a place where natural light enters the room. This is a fantastic strategy if you’re looking to boost your productivity. Windows that are facing south are particularly helpful since they provide plenty of sunshine (important during darker winter months). Extra tip: If you are right-handed, have your light source hit from the left and vice versa. If you have poor lighting, it’s possible you feel fatigue or drowsiness. Take the hue of your lighting into account as well! Warmer temperatures can have a calming effect while cooler temperatures make you more productive. A customizable LED light that allows for temperature change can give you the option to choose either one depending on what you’re working on.

5.Use an ergonomic chair.

We put so much thought into our beds because of how much time we spend sleeping on them. Why not pay the same attention to our work chairs? Having an uncomfortable chair can be distracting and leave you feeling tired and sore. A customizable office chair that molds to your body has tremendous benefits, one of them being increased productivity. Why wait until you’re truly uncomfortable to do something about it?
A chair that is actually created for you, completely adjustable, and responds to your body takes care of that issue before it even begins.

6.Clean up.

It seems like a simple tip, but believe us when we say it makes a difference. Having a clutter-free space clears up your mind as well. Take a look around. Are there items that are just gathering dust? Get rid of things you don’t need. Merely clustering objects into groups helps when you need to find something later on. Invest in cabinets or holders so that your office items are not all floating around. They look stylish and are incredibly functional as well. Having a good looking and organized space will make you more productive.

7. Make your office a private space.

If it is a possibility for you, locate your office in a separate space from common areas such as the living and dining room. Family members, pets, among other things can hinder our concentration levels. Try locating the most quiet space in your home to be able to focus. If you need to use common areas, a removable separator such as a shoji screen or room divider can be a great ally.

8.Check your air quality.

A study from Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health and SUNY-Upstate Medical school found that people who work in green environments with better air quality have higher cognitive performance in comparison to those in conventional ones with poorer air quality. There are small things here and there you can do to ensure your air is as clean as can be. Indoor plants are not only visually pleasing, but also serve to improve air quality. Try vacuuming frequently using a HEPA filter and dusting with non-toxic cleaners. Open your windows to let in fresh air and turn on your ceiling fan to help air circulate better.

Let us know how these tips helped you out! Interested in getting your own Omega Chair and being your most productive? We got you.