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Helpful Ways to Treat Lower Back Pain Yourself

March 30, 2021 4 min read

Back pain is way more common than we think. It is actually one of the most common physical ailments. Studies have shown that eight in ten Americans experience back pain at some point in their lives, usually in the lower back. 

If you have sudden or severe back pain, you should get checked by a doctor or a physical therapist. This also applies to pain that won’t go away.

However, sometimes you can treat nagging pain and discomfort all on your own.

Did you know that the highest-rated treatments for lower back pain are actually ones you can do yourself? These include exercising, massage, and stretching.

Let’s Strengthen Those Muscles

Having strong back muscles is a must when it comes to reducing your pain, preventing injuries, and for your overall health and fitness. It is especially important for people with skeletal irregularities to maintain and build muscle strength.

Most of our daily activities use our backs. When you walk, stand, do laundry, bend, or even cough and sneeze! If you have strong back muscles, everyday tasks become a lot easier to handle.

Here’s a tip for you! Try walking for at least 15 minutes a day. After your body gets used to this, follow a set of exercises and stretches 2 to 3 times a day. 

Some simple exercises you can do are the hamstring and Piriformis stretches, cat and camel, pelvic tilt, back curl, and back extension exercises. 

Low Back Pain Exercises

Keep Moving 

If you’re in pain, maybe moving around is not exactly your preferred activity. Yet, this is probably the first thing your doctor will recommend. Keep up with your regular everyday activities. Aim to get moving (and on your feet!) a few times a week. By staying sedentary, you allow the muscles around your spine and in the back to weaken. This can, in turn, cause less support for the spine and lead to long-term pain. Yikes!

Stretch Around


Much like strengthening your muscles, flexibility may help both relieve your pain and prevent it as well.

A great tip is to do this first thing in the morning. Yoga, pilates, and tai chi are fantastic ways to strengthen your core and the muscles around your hips as well as help stretch them. 

Watch Your Posture

Keep your spine in alignment to ease the pressure on your lower back. Try maintaining your head centered over your pelvis. Forget about slouching your shoulders or pushing your chin forward. If you work in front of a computer, get up every so often to stretch and walk. Psst! An ergonomic chair works wonders. 


Why not attack the problem before it even begins? You know you’ve experienced discomfort sitting in your old office chair for hours a day. By not ignoring this issue until it actually becomes a problem, you get ahead of the curve. 

Pick a chair that was created with your comfort and wellbeing in mind—the chair of the future that is! 

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Those few extra pounds you’ve been meaning to shed will actually take some pressure off your lower back. Losing weight in a healthy way reduces the amount of mechanical force on your spine. 

No Smoking!

By smoking, you may be four times more likely than nonsmokers to develop a degenerative disk disease or other spine problems. Your spinal bones get weakened by the nicotine in cigarettes and tobacco products! These take vital nutrients from the spongy disks that serve to cushion your joints. 

Ice & Heat

Applying ice and heat seems to do the trick for a lot of people. Ice tends to work best if your back is swollen or inflamed. On the other hand, a heating pad may be your better choice if you’re attempting to relax stiff or tight muscles.

Try Massaging Trigger Points

Most chronic and acute back pain is likely due to myofascial trigger points. When there are too many trigger points, we get the chronic pain disorder myofascial pain syndrome. These sore spots are way more common than we think! They can be involved in back and neck pain (either as a cause, complication, or a bit of both). Learn more about trigger points and how to massage “sweet spots” on our  blog post

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In the long run, fixing your back pain will be more costly than investing in an ergonomic chair. Plus, you can wave goodbye to office chair replacements, enhancements, or adjustments.

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