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About Us

The Omega Chair isn’t just any old desk chair or a fancy computer chair – in fact, it’s so much more. Taking the idea of an ergonomic chair and completely redesigning, reimagining, and re-visioning the very definition of the term, we’ve worked to build the ultimate computer chair experience – and not just any experience.

The Omega Chair has been delicately designed and meticulously crafted to offer our customers the very best computer chair experience. With a shape that explicitly welcomes proper posture, an ergonomic build that promotes comfort and health, and an attractive design that makes any office space look inviting, contemporary, and chic, the Omega Chair is the chair of the future, today.

Our Story

For us, when it came down to designing a new type of ergonomic computer chair, we knew we had to think outside of the box. With tons of chairs currently available on the market – and each with their own definition of the “ergonomic,” we knew that we had to do something different.

For that very reason, we worked to identify the most important aspects that truly make a chair ergonomic. We looked at lumbar support, we looked at arm support, and we looked at versatility, flexibility, and most importantly personalization.

We wanted each customer to have the ability to make the Omega Chair all their own. With flexible settings that allow each user to change the shape and ergonomic level of their Omega Chair, we believe that we’ve been able to produce the first, true ergonomic chair available on the market.

In our minds, no two bodies are ever the same, which is why we knew that we had to design a chair that could adhere to all body types and provide a preferential selection, so that users can feel their most comfortable with every experience in the Omega Chair.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – we’re constantly dedicated to remaining at the very forefront of innovative, creativity, and customer satisfaction. Our team dedicated countless hours towards ensuring that the Omega Chair would not only meet expectations, but exceed them too, and it was that very dedication that allowed us to bring a truly innovative, one of a kind product to the market for our customers.

Each and every day, we remain committed towards creating. We aim to continue refining our creation, so that the future generations of the Omega Chair continue to build upon the successes that we’ve already made with our first generation. And every step of the way, we’ll keep our eyes focused on the horizon, where we plan to bring more products to the market.

Designed for your health, optimized for comfort, and built for the future, the Omega Chair is the chair of tomorrow, for the people of today. Click here to purchase your Omega Chair and witness for yourself just how powerful the benefits of true ergonomic engineering really are.

We look forward to hearing about your satisfaction.