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  • The Ergonomic Redefine

    The OmegaChair is our most premium chair yet - an intelligent blend of top tier engineering from all around the world. Creative European design meets advanced German textiles, brought to life by intuitive, seamless Italian-built mechanisms. With a generous height range, multiple dimensions of support and endless adaptability, this is a chair that’s just as multi-faceted as you are.

    Find Multiple Optimum Postures

    The auto-balance mechanism allows you to smoothly move and pause anywhere between a focused 16° forward lean and a relaxed 128° back recline.

    Authentic Italian Mechanism

    Giving you full control of the multi-directional seat incline, height and tilt, is a sophisticated mechanism built by Italian designer and manufacturer Donati.

    Responsive external controls help you easily regulate tension, adjust direction and position, and lock that sweet spot in place.


    The Full Experience - a Reclining Office Chair with Footrest

    For the full executive experience, we designed a reclining Omega office chair with a footrest. Optimized at a 55° angle to stimulate circulation and release tension.

    Multi-dimensional, Endlessly Adaptable

    The Omega chair acknowledges that one size does not fit all. Height adjustable, flexible lumbar support allows you to customize multiple configurations that improve your posture and protect your spine.

    Based on anthropometric research, 4D adjustable armrests ensure comfort no matter your body type. Sitting should never cause you pain.

    Galaxy Office Chair

    Comfort is King

    Use the 4D adjustable headrest to find the sweet spot where perfect posture is effortless. Experience full support for your spine in both deep focus and relaxation.

    Zero Pressure, Total Comfort

    Essential for healthy joints and active circulation, the breathable mesh seat is cleverly curved to make sure there is zero pressure on your knees.

    Fancy putting your feet up? The detachable, adjustable leg rest makes it easy to give your body the rest and support it needs to keep coming back stronger.

    Galaxy Office Chair
  • Dimensions 27.5"L x 27.5"W x 45" - 52"H
    Seat Dimensions 19.5"L x 19.5"W
    Seat Height 17.5" - 20.5"
    Back Dimensions 19.5"W - 26"H
    Product weight 48 Lbs
    Weight capacity 300 Lbs
    Warranty 1 years
  • Michael W. Verified Purchase

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Best Gaming Chair

    I'm 5'8", 128lbs, and slim athletic. All of this is important to a review because our bodies are all different. For my size, its an amazing chair. I've gone through many other gaming chairs, and this one is by far the best comfort, no pain after 12 hours of sitting. I'd like to point out the best part of the chair is the arm rest. The many different ways you can position it allows for optimal gameplay and elbow support. I'm able to setup for relax gameplay or accurate gameplay (fps). Only con is not having a foot rest, maybe if they made a separate ottoman that would be great, ended up buying one else where for maximum comfort for watching movies. Other than that, its the best out there.

    David T. Verified Purchase

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Out of this World Comfort

    I don't even know where to begin praising this chair. Amazing quality, craftsmanship, and ergonomics. I can game in comfort finally! I especially appreciate the reclining feature as well as the lumbar and neck supports. I'm someone with neck and back issues, this chair actually eases the aches and pains.

    Jackie L. Verified Purchase

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


    All parts easily came together and the quality is excellent. Instructions were very clear and precise - I built the chair up in around 40 minutes. Sitting is pretty firm but very comfortable and helps to maintain the posture. Reclining is absolutely amazing. In general I love this chair and love how one can vary positions in it easily. I am glad I bought this chair.

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